Nora Chen

I am a junior undergraduate student at the University of California San Diego studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Machine Learning and Neural Computation.


  • SURF scholar at the University of California Merced and a research assistant at LInC lab researching Diachronic Linguistics.

  • Accepted into Northeastern University IDEAS (Intelligence, Data, Ethics, and Society) Summer Program

  • Research assistant at Dr. Elif Isbell's IDEA lab, where I assisted in processing brain data of young children and learning how to analyze, visualize, and present brain and behavioral data. Here, the research is relevant to characterizing the developmental course of brain functions that support fundamental cognitive skills in young children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Independently: I am interested in how humans use physical intuition and common-sense reasoning to interact with the world and how these abilities can be implemented in embodied agents.


Aristotelian Physics and the Power of Intuition: A Study of the Human IPE [In Progress]

Artificial Intelligence in the Health Care Industry [Draft]

The Role of Perception in Language Comprehension [Psyarxiv]

Ethics of Tencent, and Cloud Computing: A critical analysis [Draft]

Behind Clubhouse’s Trajectory and Phenom [Preprint]

*Drafts available upon request *


N. Chen, E. Cain, and R. Ryskin. Meaning Representations Across Life Span. Poster presentation to be delivered at the 2022 UROC Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, Merced, CA, August 2022. Poster Info

N. Chen, D. Richardson, and E. Isbell. Identifying eye movements in pediatric electroencephalogram (EEG): A machine learning approach. Cognitive Neuroscience Society. Poster presentation to be delivered at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference, San Francisco, CA, April 2022.


Last Updated: 8/2022