Salesforce ( ): I completed 40 badges on the Salesforce Trailblazer platform, demonstrating a wide-ranging proficiency in Salesforce ecosystems. Acquired in-depth knowledge in key Salesforce domains, including Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce CRM, ensuring a holistic understanding of customer relationship management solutions.


Letters to Pre-Scientist: As a volunteer with Letters to a Pre-Scientist, I participate in a pen pal program that aims to inspire and mentor students from under-resourced communities with an interest in science. My role involves crafting thoughtful, engaging letters to demystify the life and work of scientists. Through this correspondence, I offer insights into scientific careers, encourage curiosity, and foster a supportive relationship with my pre-scientist pen pal. This role allows me to positively impact a young student's educational journey while enhancing my communication skills and reinforcing my commitment to science outreach.

Intergenerational Connections: As a part of Intergenerational Connections, a non-profit student organization at UC San Diego, I have the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships between student volunteers and elderly residents of nearby senior living facilities. Every week, I volunteer at a senior citizen living facility, engaging in activities such as hosting board games day and organizing events catered to their interests. 


Roblox Developer: I am a self-taught Roblox developer. I learned how to code in LUA, 3D models in TinkerCAD, and implement various models and terrains on Roblox Studio. I partnered with the non-profit organization Technovation to promote and teach STEM to elementary and middle school students. With our efforts, my partner and I developed a game called Planet Roblox, which is devoted to teaching kids about the impacts of climate change using various mini-games. Read more about it here.

Lens Studio Developer: I am a self-taught Snapchat Lens Studio Developer who has utilized my technical acumen to craft and drive the development of innovative filters that enhance the social experiences of Snapchat users. From implementing script-based filters to promote youth voter turnout during the 2020 elections to creating trend-conscious filters that facilitate social connection, I have designed and published filters that have achieved significant levels of engagement (108 million plays, 138 million views, and 8 million shares). 

Coding Experience: 

Qubit x Qubit Quantum Winter School ('23)

Google Computer Science Research Mentorship Program ('21)

Google Computer Science Summer Institute ('21)

Qubit by Qubit x The Coding School Quantum Computing Summer School ('21)

Girls Who Code ('20)

Kode With Klossy ('18)


Treehacks (Stanford) 2024: Led the front-end development of CodeGuardian,  a VSCode extension and Web Dashboard that is a guardian angel for academic integrity. We track every edit in your code, creating an immutable timeline that exposes any attempts at cheating.

Treehacks (Stanford) 2023: Led the development of LinguiLink,  an innovative language-learning app that connects users with underserved communities, offering a unique and impactful way to learn a new language while making a meaningful difference in the world. Received an interview invitation with YCombinator, a startup accelerator company.

Hack Merced 2022: See below Finance: EcoChain

VMWare Hackathon 2021: Created a mental health web application where users could answer questions generated from GPT-3. Using sentiment analysis, the app would determine how someone feels based on the responses. Developed interactive resources that allowed users to digitally check-in and incorporated a 3D anatomical brain so that users could examine the inner workings of their thoughts and feelings. As a result of my efforts, I received the team MVP award for my leadership abilities.


Personal Entrepreneurial Endeavor: I communicated with customers on an ongoing basis to address questions, resolve disputes, give further insights regarding items on sale, and gather installments on various platforms, including eBay, Mercari, Redbubble, and Poshmark. Over the course of a year, I helped hundreds of customers save hundreds of dollars on electronics and luxury products, earning over $2,000 in revenue and garnering over 100 positive reviews. 

EcoChain: I founded EcoChain, a blockchain startup dedicated to sustainability and community enrichment. At EcoChain, we merge technology with philanthropy: users purchase bespoke, AI-generated images, and in return, we ensure that every cent of the proceeds is donated to a sustainable charity of their choice. This model supports environmental causes and allows our users to actively participate in making a tangible difference. Our commitment and unique approach were recognized at HackMerced, where my co-founder and I were honored with the ‘Best Startup’ award. Additionally, we received a $800 lifetime package from Clerky, aiding us in establishing EcoChain as a Delaware C Corporation.