Roblox Developer: I am a self-taught Roblox developer where I learned how to code in LUA, 3D model in TinkerCAD, and implement various models and terrains on Roblox Studio. I partnered with a non-profit organization Technovation to promote and teach STEM to elementary and middle school students. With our efforts, my partner and I developed a game called Planet Roblox, devoted to teaching kids about the impacts of Climate Change using various mini-games. Read more about it here.

Lens Studio Developer: I am a self-taught Snapchat lens developer and I use the LensStudio software to develop and publish Snapchat lenses to the millions of users that use Snapchat filters every day. From scripting filters to encourage the youth to go out and vote during the 2020 elections to trendy filters, I have been able to utilize my skills to bring people together and create some of the most popular filters on Snapchat. In total, I have over 91 million plays, 118 million views, and 7 million shares generated by all of the Snapchat filters I developed and shared.

Coding Camps:

Google Computer Science Research Mentorship Program ('21)

Google Computer Science Summer Institute ('21)

Qubit by Qubit x The Coding School [Quantum Computing] ('21)

Girls Who Code ('20)

Kode With Klossy ('18)


Personal Entrepreneurial Endeavor: I communicated with customers on an ongoing basis to address questions, resolve disputes, give further insights regarding items on sale, and gather installments on various platforms, including eBay, Mercari, Redbubble, and Poshmark. Over the course of a year, I helped hundreds of customers save hundreds of dollars on electronics and luxury products, earning over $2,000 in revenue, and garnering over 100 positive reviews.

EcoNFTs: I founded EcoNFTs, a blockchain startup that is focused on sustainability and giving back to our community. Users purchase generated images and in turn, all proceeds go to a sustainable charity based on their choice. At HackMerced, my co-founder and I received the ‘Best Startup’ award and an $ 800 lifetime package award from Clerky to establish our startup as a Delaware C Corp

Current Side Project: I have been working on Frazione, an ode, and continuation of You can learn more about it here.